• zomo miami nights

    Zomo Miami Nights

    Looking a different night? Zomo Miami Nights will take you to a memorable night with awesome mix of mango and orangy juicy drink that will relish your taste buds while you set your hookah pot. Pack of 50gms. #MYMIAMINIGHTS    

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo cola mint

    Zomo Cola Mint Flavour

    Zomo gives hookah fans a flavor that blends the taste and refreshing mint with cola drink and taste similar to cola soft drink with touch of ice mint making it more obvious. This Hookah flavour is ideal for those who like sweet mild flavors and fancy aromas Pack of 50gms. #MYCOLAMINT

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo mystery of bali

    Zomo Mystery of Bali Flavour

    The astonishing combination of apricot and plums blended with mint ice cream. This will get to know the mystery of bali and discovering stories with living moments of peace. Pack of 50gms. #MYMYSTERYOFBALI  

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo hermanos

    Zomo Hermanos Hookah Flavour

    This flavor characterstics comes with its own country of tango. A delicious pear with touch of mint. This copa line represents big world cup series in zomo. Pack of 50gms. #HERMANOS

    Rs. 399.00
  • Zomo Swiss Alps

    Zomo Swiss Alps

    Zomo Swiss Alps gives a cold sensation of swiss alps in the hookah chillum. Giving an amazing cold mint flavour with touch of vanilla, caramel and gum which will blow the mind.  Pack of 50gms. #MYSWISSALPS

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo mango hookah flavour

    Zomo Mango

    Mango by Zomo is native fruit of South and Southeast Asia and it flavour is known for juicyness and loved by everyone for its juicy tropical taste, it is ideal to consume in hot weather as it leads to give typical summer atmosphere. Pack of 50gms. #MYMANGO

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo buzios dreams

    Zomo Buzios Dreams

    Zomo has blended banana with vanilla into a dream flavour with dreaming in a paradisiacal place. A taste with a full advantage of the calm and charm of Búzios.This flavour is loved by brazilian as it has flavors of tropical fruits to relish Pack of 50gms. #MYBUZIOSDREAMS  

    Rs. 399.00
  • Zomo Tropical Amazon

    Zomo Tropical Amazon

    Zomo is giving the experience the flavours of Amazon Rainforests. The flavour contains eight constituent of Amazon that makes it unique with wonderful mix of 8 different flavour of tropical fruits.Pack of 50gms.#MYTROPICALAMAZON

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo cinnamon gum

    Zomo Cinnamon Gum

    Zomo has given hookah pot fans a sophisticated mix for the smoker interested in unique flavour by bringing blend of cinnamon with characteristics of gum notes. Ideal to smoke for cold days for best flavoring essence. Pack of 50gms. #MYCINNAMONGUM  

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo secret of babylon

    Zomo Secret of Babylon

    Full of secrets are inside the region of taste of fruits. It has refreshing taste which has a story of intense flavor. The unbelievable combination of watermelon and melon. The experience of world brings the best taste from all over the world to your chillum. Pack of 50gms #MYSECRETOFBABYLON

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo havana style

    Zomo Havana Style Flavour

    Enjoy the strength of flavour with this city full of tales. The juicy flavour of mojito drink. It will give the different fragrance of all the flavours out there. Try this alluring taste of Havana.  Pack of 50gms. #MYHAVANASTYLE

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo energy fruits

    Zomo Energy Fruits

    The flavor of the fruits that gives you energy as well as emotions. The focus on flavor of Guarana joins together with Acaí giving you a hookah moment filled with energy inside you. Pack of 50gms. #MYENERGYFRUITS

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo macchu picchu

    Zomo Macchu Picchu

    A Fanstastic flavour of andean melon that carry wisdom of the millenarian Andean people and will take you straight to Andes. Pack of 50gms. #MYMACHUPICCHU

    Rs. 399.00
  • Zomo Dry Sahara

    Zomo Dry Sahara

    Zomo Dry Sahara is unique twist flavour contrasting local heat in fresh taste with refreshing sensation of iced coffee giving a touch like cool cappuccino directly in hookah bowl. Pack of 50gms. #MYDRYSAHARA

    Rs. 399.00
  • Zomo Madagascar Forest

    Zomo Madagascar Forest

    A flavor of guava mixed with bubblegum and spearmint. Madagascar is popular for outdoor adventure activities with scenery with some of world's rarest wildlife. Zomo welcomes the trip of the world for using the essence of molasses to your hookah pot. Pack of 50gms #MYMADAGASCARFOREST  

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo alemaes

    Zomo Alemaes Hookah Flavor

    This Flavour provides best moments in your hookah pot session with unusual blending of cucumber and mint developing a incredible flavour of hookah. This flavor series represents big world cup selections. Pack of 50gms. #ALEMEAS

    Rs. 399.00
  • zomo splash joy

    Zomo Splash Joy

    Find the taste of passion in zomo with captivate flavor that gives the taste of red fruits and best wonderful combination of cherry, apple and mint in it. Pack of 50gms#MYSLPASHJOY

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out
  • Zomo kiwi with lemon

    Zomo Kiwi With Lemon

    The mouth watering taste of kiwi mixed with fresh cut lemon making the flavour unforgettable with unique recipes you can also make a fine blend with mint into it. Pack of 50gms. #MYKIWIWITHLEMON

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out
  • zomo blue caribbean

    Zomo Blue Caribbean

    Zomo Blue Caribbean has guava flavor with hint of lemon. Its a mix of tropical fruits with sensation of freshness that is ideal to use in consume in hot days of the summer.  Pack of 50gms. #MYBLUECARRIBEAN

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out
  • Zomo grape mint

    Zomo Grape Mint

    This hookah flavour is all time favourite for all with true classic green grapes and Mint combination. It can be blended with other flavours like mint and pan making best for Indian smokers. Pack of 50gms. #MYGRAPEMINT    

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out
  • zomo four seasons

    Zomo Four Seasons

    The holy citrus fruits with Orange, lime and lemon gives distinctive flavour and taste. Four seasons brings the perfect love between unconvincing sweet and distinct citrus taste. Its most popular flavour among hookah lovers Pack of 50gms. #MYFOURSEASONS

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out
  • zomo strong blue

    Zomo Strong Blue

    New taste of Strong Blue by Zomo is pleasant and unique which defeats everyone. It has sweet with acidic taste with typical hint of Blueberry with hint of peppermint, balancing all the taste. Pack of 50gms. #MYSTRONGBLUE

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out
  • Zomo Watermelon Mint 50gm

    Zomo Watermelon Mint

    Zomo Watermelon Mint has pleasing fragrance of watermelon giving freshness of peppermint in new Watermelon Mint flavor. Get yourself introduced in the perfect harmony of the sweetness of fruit with a pinch of peppermint. Pack of 50gms. #MYWATERMELONMINT

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out