• Smoking Acrylic Rolling Machine 70mm

    Smoking Acrylic Rolling Machine 70mm

    Smoking Acrylic Rolling Machine is perfect to roll the single wide and regular size papers. Made of hard acrylic with 70mm wide machine you can easily make perfect single wide rolls.

    Rs. 380.00
  • OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet box

    OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet box

    OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet boxPure flax paper is used in making these ultra-thin rolling papers. It uses Arabic Natural Gum with no additional chemicals. The slow burning slim paper is supremely lightweight. Watermarks on each sheet ensure that the quality is top-notch. 50 Bags of full case-32 pieces per bag = 1600 leaves

    Rs. 1,300.00
  • Smoking Filling Machine Rolling paper

    Smoking Filling Machine Rolling paper

    With this Smoking Filling Machine you will make your own perfect cigarettes.Simply insert tobacco and filter tube, close the upper part, pull it back and forth -and your cigarette is ready for a smoke!Due to its handy size the filling machine is a practical companion on the go.Appropriate to any common cigarette tubes, i.e. by Smoking or Gizeh.

    Rs. 600.00
  • RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine

    RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine

    This RAW Rolling Machine fits rolling papers from single width up to 1 1/4 size. This roller also includes "how to roll" instructions to get you started and an extra rolling apron so you know it will last you a while.What makes this rolling machine unique is not what it does but what it is made out of. Raw rolling paper created the first rolling machine to be made from a natural hemp composite plastic! The hemp plastic was formulated and engineered in Germany and is not only sustainable but stronger. Can't really call this rolling machine eco friendly if it doesn't last.

    Rs. 659.00
  • RAW Hemp Wick - 3 Metre

    RAW Hemp Wick - 3 Metre

    Specification Material: RAW Hemp wicks are made up of natural and eco-friendly substances like hemp and beeswax. The top class Hemp is imported from Europe which is grown without any use of pesticides. While beeswax is produced from the natural Beekeeping. Dimensions: The dimension of the Hemp wick is 3 meters that is almost equal to 10ft. The Hemp wick is long enough to be part of your Smoking Accessories for long n long n long. How to Use: All you have to do is lit up that end of the wick and tilt that up to control the flame, and once you see the flame gets brighter, you are ready to lig...

    Rs. 199.00
  • RAW 2 Way Roller Rolling Machine - 110mm

    RAW 2 Way Roller Rolling Machine - 110mm

    The 2-Way Roller Rolling Machine smoking accessory is small satisfaction to all those who enjoy both heavy and skinny joints. The Raw Eco-Friendly 2-Way Roller Rolling Machine is made up of German Hemp Plastic, which is a revolutionary material created by Dr. Pohl and popularized by RAW.

    Rs. 949.00
  • Raw Rolling Machine 110mm

    Raw Rolling Machine 110mm

    Raw Rolling Machine Manufactured by Hemp Composite Plastic. Used for Roll Smoking Papers Material : Plastic Engineered in Germany Manufactured in Indonesia. Size : 110 mm Weight : 45 gm

    Rs. 749.00
  • Digital Pocket Scale

    Digital Pocket Scale

    Electronic Weighting Scale 200g/0.1g Pocket Precision Digital Digital Balance Pocket Weighing Jewelry Electronic LCD Scale Gram This electronic pocket scale is perfect for any small item that you can think of.  It has a "tare" feature, which can set the weight to "zero" after putting a pan on the scale The flip-open cover protects the stainless steel weighing platform when the scale is not in use. The bright LCD display makes it very easy to read in the dark. The pocket scale that you are bidding for comes in Black color. * Operation Manual is included. * Powder can be weighed accu...

    Rs. 399.00
  • Raw Aluminum Storage Tube

    Raw Aluminum Storage Tube

    This storage tube by RAW gives you the high-quality sealable. This aluminum metal tube will perfectly seal up with the screw on top to store your things safely without popping open. Weight: 7gms  

    Rs. 599.00
  • Raw Black Rolling Tray

    Raw Black Rolling Tray

    These RAW Black Trays are beautiful! This tray is made with a polished gold toned metal, then RAW put a part-black part-clear enhanced finish on it so the gold tone shines through! It’s gorgeous! Totally different from any other RAW Tray ever made. Perfect for when you’re rolling up top-shelf in RAW Black Paper. All RAW Black Trays come with a Certificate of RAWthenticity! The thick metal is resistant to bending and warping and the smooth, curved edges stop any stray tobacco or herbs from escaping the tray or getting stuck in corners or creases.   SIZES: Small: 11" x 7"

    Rs. 999.00
  • Raw Bandana

    Raw Bandana

    RAW Bandana is for the people who never run out of style. With the blend of contemporary ,classic and dope style bandana. It can be used to hang on wall which make it attractive. Size: 12×12 inches Cloth type: Cotton

    Rs. 689.00
  • Raw Ash Catcher

    Raw Ash Catcher

    RAW Catcher, is your ultimate protection for your doobs. Its a Ash catcher which will catch ashes and burn. this latest invention will no more burn marks on your clothing. Make your smoke sessions easy and clean with the RAW Ash Catcher.  

    Rs. 599.00
  • Smoking 78mm Medium Rolling Machine

    Smoking 78mm Medium Rolling Machine

    Smoking 78mm Medium Size Acrylic Rolling Machine Rolling machine, ideal for our MEDIUM SIZE format (78 mm long) Methacrylate model, different to the Metal Smoking® Rolling MachinePerfect for those who want to make their own cigarettes.

    Rs. 399.00
  • RAW Flight Metal Rolling Tray

    RAW Flight Metal Rolling Tray

    You know how amazing products RAW has in the market, from joint rolling papers to cigarette pre-rolled cones to filter tips to Smoking Accessories. To bring out a little more RAW has different types of prints on its mixing metal trays. The Metal Rolling tray has a crazy Plane print made up of big Joint that is ready for a High Flight. The Metal tray smoking accessory not just has a crazy print but is spacious enough to hold your smoking necessities in one place.   SIZES: 11" x 7"

    Rs. 999.00
  • Raw Loader - Perfect Roll Filler

    Raw Loader - Perfect Roll Filler

    If you are tired of sitting and wasting end amount of time for filling then Raw has been working very much to make your life easier with the new RAW loader. Now you can load your cone up to 9 times faster and in very easy way. You just have to fill the funnel and slide the material through the cone and then make some pressure to make sure the cone is well pressed and filled up. 3 in 1 loader Includes: scraper, funnel / loader & wooden packer

    Rs. 789.00
  • Raw Classic Paper Tin Case - King Size

    Raw Classic Paper Tin Case - King Size

    The RAW Paper case serves a single purpose to keep your pack of RAW Rolling Papers safe and sturdy. This Case comes in King Size shape to Store and keep your papers safe in these tins when on the move. *This item does not contain raw Rolling paper pack as shown in the images

    Rs. 399.00
  • Raw Girl Rolling Tray -  Limited Edition

    Raw Girl Rolling Tray - Limited Edition

    Limited Raw Girl Edition Tray 11 × 7 Inch Raw Certificate of authenticity Material - Sturdy Tin Brand - Raw 

    Rs. 899.00
  • Raw Backflip Bamboo Rolling Tray

    Raw Backflip Bamboo Rolling Tray

    The RAW Bamboo Rolling Tray has carved compartments for all your Rolling accessories to use and keep. The color depends on the type of wood because all trays are handmade. It has 8 strong magnets to keep the parts in place. There are 4 places at the top of tray to keep the crusher, lighter other accessories. Sizes of these are all different. There are Two slot underneath for Rolling papers.

    Rs. 3,695.00
  • Smoking Rolling Machine Metal - 110mm size

    Smoking Rolling Machine Metal - 110mm size

    Make the perfect cigarette with the metal Smoking® rolling machine.  Ideal for our KING SIZE format (110 mm long)

    Rs. 480.00 Sold Out
  • OCB Gold King Size 50 Sheet box

    OCB Gold King Size 50 Sheet box

     OCB Gold King Size 50 sheet box Ultra-thin premium rolling paper with strength and stability is all that a connoisseur needs to roll the flawless light. The King size Gold paper is made from premium materials in France with no Tobacco. Make sure you buy the original for an authentic affair.  

    Rs. 2,400.00 Sold Out
  • Raw Wooden Tobacco Pipe

    Raw Wooden Tobacco Pipe

    RAW Natural Pipe is unique hand carved pipe made from Bubinga wood from Africa. The plastic mouthpiece is fully removable for easy cleaning. Length:  5.5 inches Pre loaded Corleone smoking filter to keep the pipe natural.  Handy burlap style carrying pouch For a good smoking experience use it with a 9mm activated charcoal filter

    Rs. 2,399.00 Sold Out
  • HORNET Hemp Wick -1 Metre

    HORNET Hemp Wick -1 Metre

    For those of you who really respect their herbal blends it's about time to ditch your conventional lighter and get hold of the awesome Hornet All Natural Hemp Wick (1 meter)!   Whereas traditional lighters contain harmful butane fumes that damage both your product and your health, this wick has been made out of organic natural fibers meaning it's the safest option you could ever go for! Measuring 1 meter in length, this product is sure to get you covered for a long while! Get yours now

    Rs. 80.00 Sold Out