• Marlboro Advance Blue

    Marlboro Advance Blue

    Smoking causes cancer. The quitline number - 1800-11-2356

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  • Marlboro Black Menthol

    Marlboro Black Menthol

    Marlboro Black Menthol Selected premium tobaccos. Firm filter – Cooling taste. American blend in a box. New Cool sensation of new Menthol from Marlboro Cigarettes. No need to say anymore, everyone loves this smooth taste of American Country. 20 menthol cigarettes. 8 mg tar and 0.6 mg nicotine

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  • Marlboro Clove Mix Pack

    Marlboro Clove Mix

    Marlboro has blended clove with premium chosen tobacco leaves. Marlboro clove mix gives a unique kretek flavor in the mouth. It has some spots of clove oil.Pack of 20 Clove Cigarettes

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  • Marlboro Double Mix Pack

    Marlboro Double Mix Blueberry Switch

    Marlboro Double Mix cigarettes. Original factory sealed. Manufactured by Philip Morris International. Filter Cigarettes in flip Top box. Tar 5mg, Nic. 0.4mg. There are four variants of taste: You can press two buttons, then there will be a taste of the menthol + fruit. You can only press one menthol button. It turned out ordinary cigarettes with menthol. You can press one button-fruit (purple), You can not press any button, then there will be ordinary cigarettes.

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  • Marlboro Gold Pack

    Marlboro Gold Russian

    Marlboro Gold RussianMarlboro can easily claim the price of the most smoked cigarette in the company.The popularity is unparalleled with a refined and smooth. The Gold Russian is astronger variant from the Marlboro range.

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  • Marlboro Gold Touch

    Marlboro Gold Touch

    Marlboro Gold Touch is an innovative new dimension in smoking. At a sleek 7.1mm in diameter ,slightly thinner than Marlboro Gold Original, it offers a taste that is refined and smooth. Marlboro Gold Touch is a high quality cigarette that is slimmer to the touch than conventional cigarettes. Strength-:Nicotine: 0.4mgTar: 4mg A Pack has 20 Sticks and Carton has 200 Sticks

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  • Marlboro light Gold Cigarette Pack

    Marlboro Lights Gold

    Marlboro Lights Cigarette is most popular brand all over the world as It has heavenly light blending of tobaccos with super smooth taste. Marlboro Lights are available at reasonable price with best of all quality is worth the price. Manufactured by Philip Morris International. A Pack has 20 Sticks and Carton has 200 Sticks

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  • Marlboro Mega Ice Blast

    Marlboro Mega Ice Blast

    Marlboro Mega Ice BlastA green ball which has been named the Mega Ice Ball resides in the upper part ofthe filter. The exclusive kind of menthol creates a flavorful, cool smoke which isvery popular in east Asian countries like Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Thefrosty finale is perfect for the summer months.

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  • Marlboro Micro Ice Blast

    Marlboro Micro Slim Ice Blast

    Marlboro Micro SlimIce burst micro as the name suggests comes in a conveniently compactpackaging. The cigarettes are super slim in shape to fit in pockets and bags.Generally mild, the double filtration system gives a smoother smokingexperience.

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  • Marlboro Premium Black

    Marlboro Premium Black

    Marlboro Premium Black consists of high-quality tobaccos , which gives a smooth and extra flow of mellow taste. The ProFresh automatic seal for extra freshness protection and gives a easy open and close experience. Pack contains 20 King size cigarettes This cigarette pack is designed by Ferrari car designer Pininfarina from Italy.  Made in Switzerland

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  • Marlboro Red Pack

    Marlboro Red

    Marlboro RedThe Marlboro Reds have the same signature tone of tobacco. Big, bold notes offragrance will leave you wanting for more. The classic blend is strong with aunique oak charred flavor to the tobacco.

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  • Marlboro Splash Mega Purple

    Marlboro Splash Mega Purple

    Marlboro Splash Mega PurpleMarlboro presents a brand-new taste in the flavor ball in the filter. Non-kretek,the new flavor has strong hints of blueberries. It’s a luxury Swiss product.

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  • Marlboro Touch

    Marlboro Touch Less Smell

    Touch less smell cigarettes leave only a slight hint of smell on your fingers andnot the smoky whiff like other cigarettes. Ergonomically designed, it can fit easilyin the pocket.

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