The Nutella narrative


Nutella jar

One of the top selling sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread brands all over the world now one click away from you at Smokehouse India. Nutella chocolate spread and your taste buds are going to have quite a friendship. Pinch up your special occasions by Nutella cake and add up a mouth-watering flavor to special day. Want something crunchy and crispy with drooling chocolates inside? Look no further and latch on to some Nutella B- ready Wafers and bring wholesomeness of sweetness and crunchiness to your taste buds. Smokehouse brings to you the premium products of Nutella online. The Nutella prices with us are evenly poised to give you a blast of sweetness at astonishing prices.


An oasis of Oreo


Oreo is probably one of the most popular cookie brands currently hovering in the Indian market. At Smokehouse India you get all the flavors, shapes, and sizes of the delicious Oreo biscuit. Cakes are already a haven of deliciousness and sweetness. Now amalgamate them with Oreo and you get the drooling Oreo cake to satisfy your appetite. For the people who want subtlety between cookie and cream, we bring to you Oreo thin cookies which are wafer like cookies with truck-loads of cream in them. Oreo Brownie! Do we have to say more? Aren’t you drooling yet? At smokehouse as we promise you get best Oreo biscuit price and offers.

The marvels of Milka

Milka is a brand that hasn’t made an impact in the Indian market and we are confused why so? Oh dear the sumptuousness Milka chocolates India manufactures. Try it for yourself and get amazed by the flavor and taste. Milka chocolate tastes like a haven of sweetness and gives you that mouth-watering effect on loop. Milka alpine chocolate is our favorite of the lot. Hurry up, try all the flavors at Smokehouse India and choose yours. Milka Oreo chocolate is what we advise you to choose from. A perfect blend of sweetness filled with surprisingly subtle flavors.

Luxurious Lindt

Smokehouse India brings to you Lindt chocolates, truffles, and many more delicious gifts. Where were you cocoa lovers? We present to you Lindt dark chocolate to satisfy the cocoa frenzy you have in you. We are absolutely in awe of Lindt excellence, one of the best dark chocolates floating around in the market contemporarily. For the sweet-toothed people we have in store the Lindtlindor milk chocolate truffles and a variety of unmatched Lindt milk chocolates. Lindtswiss thins! We say no more. The name shouts out luxury for itself and is mesmerizingly drooling and delicious. Consider Smokehouse India as an unofficial subsidiary of Lindt chocolate India and we have them all and the Lindt chocolate price we have is one of the best in the market.

A halo of Hershey

Hersheys is one of the most well-known brands all over the world and how could’ve Smokehouse India missed out on it. Hershey’s syrup chocolate, Hershey’s milk booster, Hershey’s syrup caramel are some of the well-known and premium Hershey products that Smokehouse India provides. We all have probably heard of Hershey chocolates, haven’t we? Toggle on to Smokehouse India and grab one for yourself and your loved ones. The best one of the lot are Hersheys kisses, the conical sized chocolates from Hershey which urges you to say it with a kiss. These chocolates from Hershey India are indeed like getting a lot of Hershey kisses to your taste buds, these are so sweet and tasty. Combine these with Hershey milk chocolates and you are good to go for a special Valentine’s week.  One more cool variety that comes under this banner is Hershey nuggets and some over the top delicious Hershey spreads and Smokehouse India has them all.

The masterpiece of M&M

M&M chocolates have grown in popularity in recent times. M&M chocolate India has become a brand to savor because of the delicious and mouth-watering products they have been delivering. M & M chocolate, candy, milk chocolates are utterly delicious and filled with a punch of sweetness all over. M&M peanut butter spread is so masterfully made, we are completely in love with it. The perfect friend to accompany for breakfasts. M&M cookies are some of the best looking cookies in the world. Marvelously made and superior in taste. Smokehouse India has all you need from M&M and has best M&M chocolate price all over the market.