Film characters are usually inspired by real people and their stories. The reason they portray smoking is because smoking is again reflect something. These actors/ characters reflect a part of us, the part that is not settling, the part that wants more from life, the part constantly looking for growth and is ready to hustle in order to achieve the desired goals.

1. Shahrukh Khan-
Whether it’s his personal life or professional, Shahrukh Khan is surely the king of smoking!!
In movies like Don and Devdas, he could be seen at ease with his charming style of smoking. He has been spotted smoking his favourite brands like 555 and Marlboro. But it is a lesser known fact that he recently shifted to the UK-based brand Dunhill and the Swiss brand Davidoff.

Shahrukh khan smoking cigarette

2. Devanand-
The late legendary actor is less-known for smoking  but his romantic songs and intense acting but in movies like Taxi driver and Hum Dono, he sported cigarettes with a different class altogether. Two of his legendary songs are still played by youth while enjoying the puffs-
“main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya” and “dum maaro dum”!! He was a fan of Wills and Davidoff cigarette. He loved smoking cigars in the parties and occasionally enjoyed the green stuff too!

 devanand smoking cigarette

3. Steve McQueen-
Again a late legendary actor, he received the pop-title of the “king of Cool” by his and next generations. And my god, he was! Smoking, motorcycles, adventure, babes and fame! He had it all. On screen, he sported cigarettes in movies like Bullit and The Great Escape. Being a true patriot, he loved smoking American brands like Phillip Morris, Natural American Spirit, and L&M etc.

steve mcqueen smoking

4. Shahid Kapoor-
Kabir Singh! That’s all I will say! The way the character holds the cigarette, the way he lights it, the way he smokes it out! Every scene of the film made the girls fall for him and guys wanting to be like him! No matter how fucked he was, there was a charm of this character.
He smokes a rare cigarette named- Pink Elephant in the film which is exclusively available only at our stores. A Solid recommendations from our end is Sobranie Cocktail- It comes in multiple colours and gives a thick smoke.

Shahid Kapoor smoking cigarette

5. Cillian Murphy-
Thomas Shelby is the man! If you haven’t watched this show on Netflix, I highly recommend it. Specially, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and wants to achieve the next level of success. Set in 1920s and 30s, they either smoke unfiltered cigarettes, or pipe tobacco and cigars. Both available here in great variety. Check out our Rolling paper, cigars, pipe section etc. to know more.

cillian murphy cigarette smoking

6. Actresses-
There are numerous actresses who have portrayed the coolest styles when it comes to smoking. Here we are only focusing on Indian Cinema. Actresses like Vidya Balan, Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor have naturally embodied it in the characters. Some suggestions as they portrayed- Pine, Esse Light, Gudang garam, Mond Etc. 

vidya balan cigarette smoking

There are of course many others who have enhanced the beauty of smoking in the reel world. If you feel we should add some more characters to the list, please comment below. All the cigarette brands and other smoking products are available here. Please browse and order!